Stellantis Adds Nauto® Driver Technology to Fleet Lineup

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Stellantis has announced a strategic investment in Nauto®, an AI-powered driver and fleet safety management software. Nauto offers features such as Collision Avoidance, Driver Coaching, Claims Management and much more. Here, we’re outlining everything you need to know about how Nauto technology can help improve your fleet. 

Collision Avoidance

Nauto’s Predictive Collision Alerts system has been engineered to be effective in preventing rear-end collisions. The system uses inputs from traffic elements, vehicle movement, driver behavior and contextual data to detect impending risks—alerting drivers. 

The Driver Alert System is designed to help prevent distracted and drowsy driving. It uses an exterior hazard alert system as well as facial recognition to detect driver distraction and drowsiness. Nauto technology also monitors tailgating, speeding and harsh maneuvers. 

Driver Coaching

Nauto’s Self-Guided Coaching provides drivers with tools to help improve driver behaviors. Drivers can access uploaded dashcam videos and can quickly assess and track their driving behavior over time. Additionally, Nauto offers a fleet safety eBook which outlines ways to help reduce the frequency and severity of fleet collisions. 

The Manager-Led Coaching solution lets fleet managers prioritize drivers who need guidance. It also provides the necessary tools to hold efficient 1:1 driver training sessions. Nauto’s AI dash cam can detect high-risk events while the Visually Enhanced Risk Assessment (VERA) provides a score to track driver behaviors. 

Claims Management

Nauto offers an incident reporting system that provides incident management, automated reporting, driver protection and AI detection models. It notifies owners about detected collisions and provides video evidence to help address driving incidents. The incident reporting system can also help improve driver behavior, track historical driver activity and access critical driving footage.

Upgrading Your Fleet

Nauto will be available in Stellantis fleet commercial vehicles across the United States in summer 2023. 

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