Ram ProMaster® | Customer Profiles: Detroit Cookie Co.

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The Ram ProMaster® cargo van “is definitely a major tool in our business. We used to take multiple trips to the store to load up on ingredients. Now we only take one.” –Lauren Roumayah, Founder, Detroit Cookie Co.

There are few things in life sweeter than fresh baked cookies. For the entrepreneurs among us, running a business at peak efficiency might come close.

The Ram ProMaster’s best-in-class maximum cargo capacity (131.7 cubic feet)1 and best-in-class maximum payload (1,883 pounds)2 along with other key attributes help business owners like Lauren Roumayah of Detroit Cookie Co. make the most of their time and resources by streamlining tasks that would otherwise eat up more of the day.

And while shaving even a few minutes off routine and recurring tasks can pay dividends in the long run, doing away completely with the need for multiple trips to suppliers for raw ingredients, well, it’s difficult to quantify just how valuable that would be.

Please enjoy this video featuring Detroit Cookie Co. and their hardworking cargo van. If you’re not too distracted by all the delicious-looking goodies on screen, you can learn more about the Ram ProMaster by visiting our website or a BusinessLink dealership near you.

1Based on the FCA US LLC small commercial van segment (Class 1). 2Based on the FCA US LLC small commercial van segment (Class 1). When properly equipped. See dealer for details.