Ram 5500 Chassis Cab | Customer Profiles: Red Dog Dumpsters

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“The reason we chose the Ram 5500 is that it provided us with the most comfortable cabin, it gave us an engine that would support the kind of payload we carry and the price point on it was magnificent.” –Scott Gardner, Owner, Red Dog Dumpsters

Vital to every construction project is a system to haul away debris. The bigger the project, the more debris is produced. The more debris, the bigger the container needed to hold it and, ultimately, the bigger the truck required to haul everything away. Enter Red Dog Dumpsters and their fleet of upfit-ready Ram 5500 Chassis Cabs.

What started with one truck and twenty containers in Nashville, Tennessee, is now a bustling operation seven trucks strong with over 300 containers and a presence in two states. Credit for that of course goes to a smart, ambitious owner and his crew of hardworking employees. To hear them tell it, their fleet of Ram Chassis Cabs has also played no small role in their success. Please enjoy this video.

Haul yourself down to your local BusinessLink dealership to learn more about the Ram 5500 Chassis Cab and the other purpose-driven trucks in the Ram Trucks lineup.