Ram ProMaster® | Customer Profiles: Enchanted Backpack

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The Ram ProMaster® is a “magical, mystical enchanted backpack that delivers $50,000 worth of retail goods” to schools in need. –Carol Lavin Bernick, Founder, Enchanted Backpack

Add up all the features on its spec sheet, many of which are best-in-class (smallest turning diameter1, lowest load floor height1, widest width between wheel wells1), and it becomes clear there is much to like about the Ram ProMaster cargo van.

It would seem not all of its standard and available features are so easily quantifiable, however. According to Enchanted Backpack, a non-profit based in Chicago, a certain amount of magic comes with every van, and if not with every van, then at least the two they use to deliver literally tons of much-needed supplies to under-resourced schools in the Chicagoland area.

Want to find out what kind of magic the Ram ProMaster can work on your business? Test drive one today at a BusinessLink dealership near you.

1Based on the Large Commercial Van Segment (Class 2).