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On the Job on the Martin Ranch | Ram Heavy Duty

The best thing you could say about a job is that it doesn’t feel like work. This sentiment from rancher Sean Martin more than anything else in the video below stands out to us as something we’ll remember – more than the stunning Colorado landscape, more than the tales of 15-hour workdays, more than the Heavy Duty Ram trucks Sean and crew depend on to accomplish their work … well, okay, let’s not go that far.

The fact is (and all kidding aside) it’s probably a combination of things that makes the ranching life so enjoyable for Sean. That it’s a family business started by his grandparents in 1957 certainly factors into it, as does working every day in a setting he calls a “postcard picture.” And of course there are those Ram trucks he gets to drive.

Whatever the case may be, it’s always a pleasure to meet someone who really likes his job. That Ram trucks are involved only makes it better. Please enjoy.

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