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Ram Trucks is “just a good fit for us. We really wanted to make sure we took care of our people. [So we] got them the best possible vehicle.“ –Jeff Gemma, GEM Plumbing and Heating, LLC

“The Ram Brand has been the most reliable. Downtime is very, very costly for a company.” –Eddy Gemma, GEM Plumbing and Heating, LLC

“One of the most important things we look for in a vehicle is safety. We made sure to pick three or four different vehicles that were optimized [with safety options] and we let our employees pick.” Larry Gemma, GEM Plumbing and Heating, LLC

What’s apparent from the three quotes above is that a company like GEM Plumbing and Heating bases purchasing decisions on a multitude of factors. Rather than focus on a single vehicle feature or a single category of features –  safety and security, for example, or total cost of ownership, or quality and capability – business owners and operators must select vehicles that check as many boxes as possible. For GEM Plumbing and Heating, those vehicles are made by Ram Trucks.

For help building or maintaining your own fleet of Ram trucks and cargo vans, visit our website or contact a BusinessLink dealer near you.

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