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Fall Commercial Truck Season from Ram Trucks

For small-business owners, the months of October, November and December are among the most important of the year. A chance to close out the calendar on a positive note, the fall and early winter months also represent a time to begin strategizing for success in the year ahead. And, coming as they do before tax season, they are often marked by significant business expenditures, the purchase of a new vehicle for work, for example.

To help ease you into that new work vehicle, we’re pleased to offer Fall Commercial Truck Season. For a limited time, eligible buyers can get a $500 bonus to use toward a vehicle upfit or customization. The bonus is in addition to the standard On The Job incentives buyers can choose from all year long – a tool kit from Bosch Power Tools, a graphics allowance or two years of free oil changes to name just a few.

Like the On the Job incentives, this $500 bonus can be used in conjunction with any regional or local deals currently available. Bundle all of it together – the incentives, the bonus, the local and regional offers – and Fall Commercial Truck Season becomes one of if not the very best time of year to purchase a vehicle.

As with any good deal certain restrictions apply. The $500 Commercial Truck Season bonus is available only to business owners. The bonus is also limited to select vehicles in the Ram Commercial lineup. Fortunately in this case “select vehicles” include trucks and vans that are well suited to a variety of professions – vehicles like the Ram 1500 Tradesman, the Ram ProMaster® and the Ram ProMaster City®, among others.

Stop in to your local BusinessLink dealership to learn more about the Ram Commercial lineup as well as the $500 bonus available to our business-owning members during Fall Commercial Truck Season.

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