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Cab size: What to know when you buy a new truck

Cab Size Is an Important Pickup Consideration

As you search for a new work truck, you might be wondering about cab size. Specifically: Is it necessary to get a crew cab or an extended cab, even if you don’t plan to carry around any passengers? If you’re wondering about how much cab size should play a role in your truck-buying decision, here are some important things to know.

Room for friends and family

While your “daily” vehicle might be up to the task of hauling people around, you never quite know when you might need to carry someone in your work truck. As a result, it’s always a good idea to have extra room in back in case you need to carry a passenger or two — especially since the other possibility is the truck’s bed, which can be a scary place to ride in the event of a collision, or even a quick stop or lane change.

Room for tools

An extended cab or crew cab isn’t only a place for people. While you might not think of it right away, a larger cab is a great place for storing tools or other key items — which can be a big deal, since a pickup’s bed is unsecured and open to the elements. As a result, you shouldn’t throw away the idea of an extended cab truck just because you don’t transport anyone, or you might regret it when it comes time to haul around some important equipment that needs to be locked inside the vehicle and out of public view.

Resale value

Another reason to consider an extended or crew cab truck over a regular cab model is the resale value. An extended or crew cab truck offers far better resale value than a regular cab, since more shoppers are interested in extended or crew cab vehicles. You’ll also have an easier time selling an extended or crew cab truck, since there will be a wider market of shoppers interested in buying a used one.

Although you may not think that cab size is incredibly important, it’s definitely something to keep in mind when you look for your next pickup. Opting for an extended cab could come in handy if you ever have to transport someone or carry valuables — and it will certainly improve your vehicle’s resale value.

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