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Conversation Starters for REALTORS® | Four Ways to Drive Conversation in Your Chrysler Group Vehicle

As a REALTOR®, you spend a significant amount of time transporting clients from property to property. Having a potential homebuyer in your vehicle is great opportunity to build a rapport before doing business. Get them talking with these conversation starters.




Turn a compliment into a question.

Everyone likes to be admired. Identify and compliment something unique about your client, such as an article of clothing or perhaps the vehicle he or she pulled up in. Follow the compliment up with a question to find out more about it.

Ask a thought-provoking question.

It’s not what you say; it’s what you ask that matters, and the best questions you can ask clients provoke thought. The provocative question works because it engages your clients by focusing on their emotions, forcing them to look beyond the obvious, to analyze, assess and make decisions. Here are some examples:

    • Can I ask what your expectations are for your REALTOR®?
    • How many homes do you think you should see before you buy?

Open a conversation with, “Help me understand something.”

What you ask sets the tone and the perception of the buyers. When you open with “Help me understand something,” you put your client in the driver’s seat of the conversation. A way REALTORS® can put this into context for their client could be to state, “Help me understand what prompted you to look into purchasing/selling your home.” By truly listening to your client’s response, you gain valuable insight into how you can best position yourself to help him or her.

Take a hint from your Chrysler Group Vehicle.

As the official Automobile Manufacturer of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), Chrysler Commercial Vehicles makes it a priority to provide features and amenities that matter most to you and your clients. Strike up a conversation about your favorite features, or let them choose from over 130 Sirius XM® channels available via Uconnect® technology.


As a REALTOR® you are eligible for a $500 cash allowance on the purchase or lease of select 2014 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® and Ram models. Contact your local BusinessLink® dealer for more information or to schedule a test drive.


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