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Luis Morales | Real People, Real Businesses

Every Friday on The Working Blog, we publish another entry in our “Real People, Real Businesses” series. The idea is to feature YOU, the small-business owners and employees of the world, aka the real drivers of the economy. What do you like about small business? What keeps you motivated? Why are small businesses so important? What makes for a capable work vehicle?These are the types of questions we ask, and though the answers can be as varied as the people we interview, what seems to matter most to everyone is pride in a job well done.

Today’s edition of “Real People, Real Businesses” features Luis Morales, a lawn care and construction professional who powers his business with five Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Trucks. Each day Luis travels to new job sites where he is presented with new challenges. Luis relies on the capabilities of his trucks at each job, no matter how different it may be from the job commissioned the day before.

Stay tuned to The Working Blog for more interviews like this one!

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