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Small Business Social Media 101: The Value of Guest Bloggers

In past blog posts, we’ve discussed the value of having and maintaining a blog for your business, citing increased brand credibility and exposure as just a few of the reasons why blogging is important. And while the experts in your employment (including yourself) might produce the best, most up-to-date content, your employees are not the only people you should tap to write about your products, your industry or your services. Brand partners, other industry experts (non-competitors, of course) and even your customers are all potentially valuable contributors to the blog. Here’s why:

  • Inviting industry experts to blog for you shows your community that you’re “looped in,” having formed relationships with peers and leaders who can make you and your business better. It also shows that industry leaders have respect enough for your business to spend valuable time writing for you—not a bad thing. All this in addition to the insight they bring, which is valuable in its own right.
  • Inviting partner brands to blog for you allows them to get their product and/or message in front of your community, where it might not be already. The favor is one they may one day return in kind.
  • Inviting customers or clients to blog for you has three major benefits: (1) It gives your community, i.e., your customer base, the sense that you value and respect their opinions; (2) On an individual level, a customer who contributes to the blog will likely become one of your brand’s and your blog’s most enthusiastic proponents; and (3) In some industries, like the car industry, the customers tend to be the most zealous about the products and also the most knowledgeable, two basic ingredients for any good blog post.
  • One of the most important reasons for inviting guest bloggers is that they will inevitably share their contribution to your blog on their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), exposing potential new customers to the merits of your business.

No matter who you invite, the content they create will be different than your own, keeping the blog fresh with a myriad of voices and perspectives. Just understand one thing: You can’t expect any contributor to produce content for nothing in return. Industry experts may someday need your endorsement; and a customer, no matter how loyal, may wish to arrange a discount on his or her next purchase. Be clear up front and even put it in writing what your guest blogger can expect in return for producing content for the good of your brand.

Who would be your first choice to guest blog for your business?

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